Watermelon Wheat Beer Ingredient Kit 5 Gallons (SL39)

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Brewer's Best Watermelon Wheat We've used a classic wheat beer recipe for the backbone of this brew and given it a twist of fruit by adding Brewer's Best Natural Watermelon Flavoring. Keeping all the attributes of wheat beer you love while finishing with a touch of watermelon flavor and aroma. AAAHH-refreshing! IBUs: 10 - 14 ABV: 4. 8% - 5. 3% OG: 1. 046 - 1. 050 Difficulty: Easy Color: Deep Gold FG: 1. 009 - 1. 013 Yield: 5 Gallons Everything you need to craft your best brew is here. We start with fresh ingredients to maintain flavor as well as easy-to-follow recipes measured to perfection. Contains: Malt Extract Syrup Specialty Grains* Hops Yeast Spices & Flavorings* Grain Bag* Priming Sugar Bottle Caps Instructions *if the recipe requires. Brewer's Best Watermelon Wheat beer ingredient kit makes 5 gallons, Country of origin - United States, Manufacturer name - Brewer's Best.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review