Vintners Best - Apricot Fruit Wine Base 128 oz (SL28)

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Make your own apricot wine at any time! No need to wait for the harvest. Simply pick up a gallon of this apricot fruit wine concentrate, add some water and yeast, and before you know it you will have five gallons of apricot wine! This apricot wine base is a blend of juice concentrates, corn syrup, citric and malic acids and natural flavor that comes in a 128 oz (1 gallon) resealable jug, and can be used to make a single strength 5 gallon batch of apricot wine. If you would like, you can also make a few smaller (1 gallon) batches of wine with this concentrate! Get started making apricot wine with this fruit wine base from Vintner's Best!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review