Winter HomeBrew Awards Night Coming Feb 21st

Posted by Jason on Feb 12th 2019

Winter HomeBrew Awards Night Coming Feb 21st

Thanks to everyone who came out over the past few months to share and sample your home brew.  You brought a little warmth to this cold winter.  We have had a wide selection of brews, and a wide scope of brewing experience this year.  From people bringing their first bottle to people who have been brewing for 25 years.     

To honor the beers we've tasted and the brewers who made them, each season we set aside one night to give out some awards.   Last Spring recognized Scott Wooten with gold and our own Tyler Wilson with the silver in the home brew category. 

In the Professional Brewer's category Hangman Brewing's Brad Wagner and Autumn Arch Beer Project's Jimmy Vennard both earned a Gold medal for beers they shared last time.

But with all this talk about awards, remember the the HBHH is a celebration - not a contest. Come every Thursday from 6PM - 7PM to commiserate over your trials, and celebrate your home brew triumphs.