Storage and Milling | $5.00 Bin Rental BETA

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Product Overview

Bulk Grain Prices at Per Pound Convenience! 

It has come to our attention that some customers would like to take advantage of our amazing bulk grain sale but don’t want the hassle of storing and milling an entire sack.  If this sounds like you, take part in this special "beta test" offer and you can get our great sale prices and have your grain stored at HDYB for a small rental fee.   Here is how it works: 

  • Buy the bulk grain you are interested in prior to March 31st.
  • Add an item called "storage and milling" to your order. 
  • We'll keep your grain fresh in your own airtight bin.
  • When you are ready to brew, add an item to your order called "prepaid grain"
  • We'll fill your order directly from your bin, and let you know when you are running low.  

Make sense?  If it does, act fast.  With our space limitations we are trying this program out with only three rental bins available.  The rent is $5.00 for five months.  




(No reviews yet) Write a Review