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HDYB is joining with Breweries in Delaware and around the world to brew "Putin Huilo" (“F#ck Putin”)! a Dry-Hopped Golden Ale from Пивоварня «Правда» / Pravda Brewery in Ukraine.
HDYB is making all grain and extract kits available for any home brewer who wants to take part in the "Brew for Ukraine - Victory Beer Collaboration" campaign.
$20.00 from each all grain Putin Huilo beer ingredient kit sold will be donated to a relief fund in Ukraine via Pravda Brewery.

Pils LME 6.6lbs DME 2lbs
Caramunich II 12oz
White Wheat 8oz
dextrose 1.5lb (20 min)
coriander seed .5 30min
Magnum .5oz 60 min
Perle 1oz 20 min
Perle 1 oz WP
Saphir 1oz dry hop


(No reviews yet) Write a Review