Putin Huylo - All Grain Ingredient Kit | Brew for Ukraine

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HDYB is joining with Breweries in Delaware and around the world to brew "Putin Huilo" (“F#ck Putin”)! a Dry-Hopped Golden Ale from Пивоварня «Правда» / Pravda Brewery in Ukraine.
HDYB is making all grain and extract kits available for any home brewer who wants to take part in the "Brew for Ukraine - Victory Beer Collaboration" campaign.
$20.00 from each all grain Putin Huilo beer ingredient kit sold will be donated to a relief fund in Ukraine via Pravda Brewery.

Pils 11lb
Caramunich II 12oz
White Wheat 8oz
dextrose 1.5lb (20 min)
coriander seed .5 30min
Warrior/Magnum .5oz 60 min
Perle 1oz 20 min
Perle 1 oz WP
Saphir 1oz dry hop


(No reviews yet) Write a Review