Oh Hell World Championship - To Benefit 'Restore the King'

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The WPOHL was founded in 2013 for the purpose of holding WPOHL tournaments and crowning a annual World champion.

If you like playing “Oh Hell” in any of its many forms, you are a friend of ours.   If you’ve always dreamed of winning a world championship in something, this may be your big chance (especially in these first few years when the fields will be really small).

The next WPOHL World Championship will be held in September.  

It is a benefit for the "Restore the King" 


Oh-Hell has simple rules and easily grasped – but complex strategies. The simple rules make the game very accessible to a wide audience. Unlike poker for example, there is no need to be able to calculate odds on the fly, or to try to read opponents in order to be good.

At it’s core, it is a trick taking game in which you simply try to take the exact number of tricks that you bid.  The complexity comes in when you make the crucial decision of how many tricks you will bid based on the strength of your hand, AND adjustments based on the bids of your opponents. Your position from the dealer, number of cards in the hand, and types of cards in your hand all come into play, and influence your bidding strategy.   The fact that players are playing their hands while trying to be aware of the strength of their opponents hands leads to a lot of table talk, banter, and good natured trash talking.

It’s a fast paced game that really keeps you on your toes. Particularly the “Prospect” style that is played for money.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review