Imperial - A09 Pub (SL59)

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A09 Pub is a highly sought after strain that home brewers swear by due to is ability to achieve brilliantly bright ales in a short amount of time. Because Pub is extremely flocculent it will tear through fermentation and drop out of your beer quickly. This strain will produce higher levels of esters than most ale strains. A sufficient diacetyl rest is highly recommended when using A09 Pub.

  • Temp:64-70°F,18-21°C
  • Flocculation: Very High
  • Attenuation: 69-74%
  • Cell Count: 200 Billion

White Labs Equivalent: English Ale – WLP002
Wyeast Equivalent: London ESB Ale™ – WY1968

Usage Instructions:
  • ​Store refrigerated until ready to pitch
  • Shake and kneed pouch to homogenize slurry
  • Sanitize the sealed pouch
  • Open and pitch entire contents into well-aerated wort

Please Note: For best results we Always recommend ordering an Ice Pack with your liquid yeast. Ice Packs can be found below in the "You might Also Need" section.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review