HDYB Yeast Purchasing Co-op 2021 | 12 Month Membership

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Product Overview

Between White Labs, Wyeast, Omega and Imperial there are over 275 strains of yeast strains developed specifically for advanced home-brewers like yourself. The depth and complexity that these yeast strains can bring to your beer are revolutionary. With even more strains being released almost daily, it is impossible for us to stock every strain brewers might be interested in trying, so HDYB has come up with a way to:

- get the liquid yeast you need

- when you need it,

- at an amazing price.


Introducing the HDYB Yeast Purchasing Cooperative 

By joining the HDYB Yeast Purchasing Cooperative, you will leverage our purchasing power and supply channels to get the widest selection of the freshest yeast at the unbeatable price of wholesale plus 15%. 


How does it work? 

Join the HDYB Yeast Purchasing Cooperative by purchasing an annual membership for $29.50 through the web site and agree to the following cooperative ground rules:

1) You agree to use the yeast purchased through the cooperative for your own homebrewing and agree to not re-sell or distribute it. 

2) You agree to purchase the yeast you need at www.howdoyoubrew.com with 1 week lead time.

3) You agree that your membership is valid for one calendar year and may not be transferred. 

That's it. By joining the yeast purchasing cooperative you will help ensure that we are providing the homebrew community with the widest possible variety of the freshest yeast available. 


Are you someone who will benefit from joining the purchasing cooperative?

Ask yourself these three simple questions to find out:

1) Am I going to purchase 10 or more liquid yeasts (White Labs, Wyeast, Imperial, Omega) this year? 

Being someone who brews with liquid yeast at least 10 times a year means that your membership will easily pay back in savings. As a member your cost for a typical White Labs Yeast, for example, will be $7.70 per packet. That's an unbeatable price. 

2) Do you know what yeast you are going to need a week in advance of when you are brewing? 

Knowing what yeast you will need a week in advance means that we'll be able to fill orders as needed which will reduce our waste and help lower costs for cooperative members over time.

3) Do I live within driving distance to Newark or Smyrna Delaware? 

Picking up orders in Newark and Smyrna again lowers our costs and ensures that yeast is being used by members at its peak of freshness. 

If you answered yes to those questions, you are someone who will benefit from this program. 

Thanks for considering a membership in the HDYB Yeast Purchasing Cooperative. If you have any questions please call me at 302-423-7798 or email me at jason@howdoyoubrew.com


(No reviews yet) Write a Review