Double Tap Kegerator w/ Stainless Intertap Faucets | In Store Pick Up

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Product Overview

The top of the line Keg King Series 4 Kegerator is the perfect way to bring draft beer into your home. Whether you serve homebrew or commercial kegs, this system is the perfect addition to your home bar, basement or brew cave. The system comes setup for homebrew ball lock connections out of the box.  

The refrigerator also double as a fermentation chamber when not dispensing to provide you with an accurate environment to control fermentation temperatures and improve your beer’s flavor.

Perfect for anyone looking to put beer on tap at home or at a café, restaurant, or bar.

Included (Kegs, Cylinder, and Glassware not included):

  1. Series 4 Kegerator with digitally adjustable temperature settings
  2. 304 Stainless steel draft tower with faucet shank
  3. Co2PO Single body regulator
  4. Beer and gas lines (sets of 1,2, or 3) with ball lock connections
  5. CO2 distributor (for double or triple only) w/ 1/4" MFL shutoffs
  6. Tower fan to improve air circulation to keep the draft tower cool to minimize foamy pours
  7. Heavy-duty castor wheels
  8. Guard rail
  9. Drip tray
  10. Gas cylinder bracket that mounts to the back of the fridge
  11. Integrated glassware holder
  12. Tap tool
  13. Removable shelf


- Temperature range 23F to 82F

- The fridge is approximately 164L

Overall External Dimensions:

-23” Wide

-24” Deep


-33” Fridge Only  

-35” Fridge with Casters  

-49.75" Fridge with Tower

-52" Fridge with Casters and Tower

Internal Dimensions:

-20" wide

-16.25" deep (13.25" deep on compressor side)

-28" tall (24" clearance under glass rack)

Note: Kegs and a CO2 cylinder will need to be added to complete unit. A Sankey D-style coupler can also be purchased separately to dispense commercial kegs. Pictured kegs are NOT included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review