CLASS VOUCHER - Beer Making 101

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OUR FEB 9th Class at Autumn Arch Beer Project is SOLD OUT!   Please check back here for future classes.   Class vouchers are good for the calendar year of purchase, so if you miss this class your voucher can be applied to future 2020 classes.  


Class Voucher - Intro to Beer Making 

Your $9.50 purchase will reserve your spot in class and provide you with a $9.50 credit on any purchase over $50.00 made at HDYB.   

Beer Making 101 – The Basics of Home Brewing. (Class Fee: $9.50)  Home brewing is how virtually every professional brewer started their brewing career. In this 2 hours class you will learn the four basic steps to making great beer; preparing, brewing, fermenting, and bottling.  Small samples will be served, so you must be 21 to take the class. To help you get started on your brewer’s journey, your class fee of $9.50 will becomes a voucher good toward any purchase over $50.00 at HDYB once you complete your class.

Tentative Meeting Dates: Jan 12th, Apr 5th, June 28th, Sept 20th, Nov 15th & Dec 13th Instructor: TBD   

Location:  HDYB 812 Pencader Dr Suite E | Newark, TBD



(No reviews yet) Write a Review