CLASS VOUCHER - Beer Making 101

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Class Voucher - Intro to Beer Making 

Your $6.00 purchase will reserve your spot in class and provide you with a $6.00 credit on any purchase over $50.00 made at HDYB.   

Beer Making 101 – The Basics of Home Brewing. (Class Fee: $6.00)  Home brewing is how virtually every professional brewer started their brewing career. In this 2 hours class you will learn the four basic steps to making great beer; preparing, brewing, fermenting, and bottling.  Small samples will be served, so you must be 21 to take the class. To help you get started on your brewer’s journey, your class fee of $6.00will becomes a voucher good toward any purchase over $50.00 at HDYB once you complete your class.

Tentative Meeting Dates: Jan 20th, March 17th  

Location:  HDYB 812 Pencader Dr Suite E | Newark, TBD



(No reviews yet) Write a Review